Export Sharepoint Personal Document library?


Hi there Currently we have a parent sharePoint site and a SharePoint Mysite site. In the mysite I notice there is a web part "Personal Documents" where users can store personal docs etc... and I was wondering if there is anyway to export this
web part and import it to the parent site for use? Thanks in advance.


what you want to do? Let user add the document to their Personal Document library from the your team site?
have a look on these post may solve the issue:
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Export Sharepoint Personal Document library?

Hi there Currently we have a parent sharePoint site and a SharePoint Mysite site. In the mysite I notice there is a web part "Personal Documents" where users can store personal docs etc... and I was wondering if there is anyway to export this we

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Hi, I am storing the Documents in C:\Documents folder and storing the Path to the Document Library using Linktoodcument. Now  My requirement is  1. How to maintain the versioning in the Folder where i am storing the Documents.You cannot store the two

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I am having difficulty grouping my documents without folder by grouping by. I would like to use the expand or collapse feature. I have several documents that are need to be group together and have a separate sub group of folders that will not allow m

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Hi, With my colleagues we are using a dictation/transcription software which automatically creates files, moves them from folders to folders and deletes them. Until now, all this was done on a network drive, but the drive will soon be unavailable and

How to apply masterpage for document library in SharePoint 2013

Hi, is it possible to change the master page in library level.DO you mean JUST at the library level?  If so, there's no way that I know of as Master Pages are applied to Sites at a whole.  They then have Page Layouts added, which tell SharePoint wher

SharePoint excelservice.asmx - Delete documents from document library

Hi, How to delete a document from SharePoint Document Library using excelservice.asmx xml. Thanks.Hi Synoverge, Yes the batch command you mentioned should work provided you use ListWebServices, For more details check this out http://msdn.microsoft.co

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