user has saved one of the web reports in his favourites...he has customized the report according to his needs and then saved it in his favourites...now when he acesses the report from his favourites and..
enters the values for the variables
the data is displyed accordinly as he customized it.
now when he wants to export this data to excel he is getting the error.
contact ur system admin..ur request cannot be processed.
it is not happening with any of his other reports.its only this one he is not able to export the data.
please suggest what steps can be taken


yea the reports worked fine...it is only this report which is not exporting data...he is able to view all the data and everything in portal for this report but when he exports to excel he is getting this error.
cannot find advanced load with uid:FILTER_PANE_ac_unid0_dropdown
i tried with the oss notes but nothing..
this is not an authorization issue as the user is able to acess the report.it is only that he is not able to export to excel..
please let me know what can i do..

October 11, 2015


HELLO user has saved one of the web reports in his favourites...he has customized the report according to his needs and then saved it in his favourites...now when he acesses the report from his favourites and.. enters the values for the variables the

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