Excel Output For Standard Report In R12


Hi Experts,
My Client wants Excel Output for Standard Reports ( ex:-Open Purchase Order Report (by cost center)_xml)
I changed the default output to Excel in Template of xml publisher administrator Responsibility.
Now it is showing the Excel output, but The layout of report is not same as layout which in text output of standard report.
Please guide me is there any solution to develop the reports layout in ms-excel using xml file rather than rtf template.


Hi Alex,
Thanks for your replay.
Generating the new rtf template which is same as standard layout is difficult task for us. Actually we have 120 reports which have same requirement.
Is there any other solution for this . please guide me
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October 11, 2015

Excel Output For Standard Report In R12

Hi Experts, My Client wants Excel Output for Standard Reports ( ex:-Open Purchase Order Report (by cost center)_xml) I changed the default output to Excel in Template of xml publisher administrator Responsibility. Now it is showing the Excel output,

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