Error while generating XML file from rdf report.


Hi All,
we are having a rdf report that displays images retrieved from data base. I need to convert this report to xml report(using rtf template).
when i tried to run the report after changing the output of the concurrent program to "XML", i am getting the below error.
REP-1295: Data format of column 'PK1_VALUE' is unsupported.
REP-0069: Internal error
REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:
REP-1295: Data format of column 'PK1_VALUE' is unsupported.
images are stored in BLOB type columns.
Can anyone help me on this..


Hi Hussein,
Thank you for the reply.. i was sure that i will get correct response with in a day..
you people made this as one of the best technical doubt in that..
need some more help from you...!
The metalink docs say that it is not possible to generate xml file as the image is BLOB.
Can you please tell me any solution for developing xml template(rtf) which can display images that are stored in data base BLOB columns. Even PL/SQL script will do.. I have tried with changing the BLOB to CLOB in rdf query(by calling a function that converts BLOB to CLOB). it didnt help.
thanks in advance..

October 11, 2015

Error while generating XML file from rdf report.

Hi All, we are having a rdf report that displays images retrieved from data base. I need to convert this report to xml report(using rtf template). when i tried to run the report after changing the output of the concurrent program to "XML", i am

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