Error in running oracle report on APPS due to print style


i have an oracle report which displays about 550 rows of data...When i try to run it with oracle apps i selelect landwide but i get an error as the defined style can not print that much amount of rows.Is there any toher style which prints this many amount of rows or i have to create a new print style.
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Please tell us about your product, version and Application Server type. You may also want to note that Oracle Apps is different from Oracle Application Server .
Also intriguing is the error you report. Where and what exact error do you get? Error codes/messages need to be reported exactly (not paraphrased).
Was that in displaying the info or in printing it to a printer?

October 11, 2015

Error in running oracle report on APPS due to print style

Hi i have an oracle report which displays about 550 rows of data...When i try to run it with oracle apps i selelect landwide but i get an error as the defined style can not print that much amount of rows.Is there any toher style which prints this man

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