DVCPro HD transfer through FireWire 800


Hi there,
I'm planning on connecting an external DVCProHD tape deck to capture footage using Final Cut Pro through the 800 port, then chaining a LaCie drive via an adapter to catpure the footage on to this external drive. So essentially, a FireWire 800 2-port adapter plugged into the single 800 connection in the MBP.
Do any of you know what impact this amount of data will have on the drive? I'm obviously keen to avoid frame drop-out and want to maximise the speed of the drive, although I'm wary of connecting both inputs via the 800 adapter through the single port.
Thanks, Mark


Hi Robert,
Thank you for your response.
I probably wasn't clear enough sorry! I am hoping to hook in a FireWire 800 adapter, maybe something like this:
Into this, I will connect both the DVCPro HD deck and the external LaCie drive. My main concern is running both these devices through the adapter, as it's essentially using one 800 port for both data streams.
Is this something that is feasible? Am I right in saying that this will data stream will be quicker than hooking the drive in via USB?

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Hi there, I'm planning on connecting an external DVCProHD tape deck to capture footage using Final Cut Pro through the 800 port, then chaining a LaCie drive via an adapter to catpure the footage on to this external drive. So essentially, a FireWire 8

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