Is there a way to convert DVCPRO HD 720p files to DVCAM so I can edit offline in DVCAM in FCP and then online later with the original files (retaining timecode)?


In the advanced format presets there is a NTSC DV converter.
Going to take some time however.

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Is there a way to convert DVCPRO HD 720p files to DVCAM so I can edit offline in DVCAM in FCP and then online later with the original files (retaining timecode)?In the advanced format presets there is a NTSC DV converter. Going to take some time howe

DVCPRO HD footage and FCP 5

Hi All, I have a client I am working with next week who has a bunch of footage that was shot with an HVX 200 Panasonic witth the P2 cards. The shooter has already captured the video (as quicktime files, I believe HD quicktime files) to an external ha

Uncompressed 8 bit vs dvcam hd

I have some 1280x720 (29.97) footage shot with the HVX. I need to re-compress the footage to play in my FCP and Im trying to figure out the correct compression. I used uncompressed 8 bit and it worked fine. I was just wondering if that or dvcam was t

HDD Quicktime transfer (output) to DVCPro HD & MiniDV

I'm working on a project that is in Quicktime, and I need to output it to DVCPro HD & MiniDV using Final Cut Pro. I have a Panasonic DVC Pro HD deck & a Sony DVcam deck ready for it, but I was wondering what would I need to exactly due to transfer

Rendering DV/DVCPRO - NTSC w/ alpha?

I tried exporting my DV/DVCPRO movie with "Lossless with Alpha" and the background still remains. When I export it out as an Animation with that setting, it works fine but it pixelates my movie I lay it on top of in Final Cut and the movie itsel

Export from HD project to DVCPro 50?

I had no trouble exporting from my Final Cut Pro 5 HD (1080i60) project to an HD deck this morning but now that I'm trying to go to DVCPro 50 I'm getting a messages about settings not matching. I've tried redoing seq. settings to DVCPro and then it l

How to dub and preserve CC on DVCPro 50?

I have a master DVCPro 50 tape with close captioning, I also have a DVCPro 50 deck. I need to make a DVCPro 50 copy of the master tape, but the copy must also have close captioning intact. I have access to a Blackmagic (Decklink i think (rhymes!)) an

DVCPRO HD player?

Is anyone aware of a player that can be used to review DVCPRO HD clips? Besides FCP? Something simple & easy that would allow review on location and prior to post?yip: http://www.google.co.uk/products?q=panasonicp2player&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozil

720p23.976 DVCPro HD to an SD DVD

720p23.976 DVCPro HD movie to an SD DVD? I need to deliver a SD DVD in NTSC and PAL. Any suggestions?The results usually work well, but you may need to run some tests. Also do not use Pan & Scan, only use Letterbox (and not Pan & Scan/Letterbox) u

DV/DVCPRO codec for Windows XP

Does anyone know where to find and how to install DV/DVCPRO codec on a PC with Windows XP? Apologies if it's a stupid question, but need to know. Thanks.As much as it pains me to reference Microsoft's site, here you go: http://support.microsoft.com/d

Converting HDV to DVCPRO 720p

I am currently converting HDV 1080i 30fps to DVCPRO 720p 60fps. When I do this I get strobing. I have tried exporintg through Final Cut Pro to DVCPro and rendering in the DVCPro timeline I have still to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.I am cu

DVCPRO HD downconverting to SD & MP2

I've searched the forum and haven't found the exact answer to my problem. I have a music video in DVCPRO HD 50i. I want to make a DVD, a PAL SD version, and a smaller Quicktime version to play on computers. I've made the SD versions by putting the DV

DVCPro HD transfer through FireWire 800

Hi there, I'm planning on connecting an external DVCProHD tape deck to capture footage using Final Cut Pro through the 800 port, then chaining a LaCie drive via an adapter to catpure the footage on to this external drive. So essentially, a FireWire 8

Importing directly from Dvcam didn't work

I have a few cameras that go to a switcher, which is plugged into a Sony Dvcam (records to tapes).  I stopped using the tapes a while ago and recorded live to iMovie with Fire wire.  I recently got a new MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro, so I connected

Sequence Setting for DVCPro HD?

If I shot footage with the DVX900 DVCPro HD camera at 720p/60 should my Sequence Settings Editing Timebase be 59.94 or 60?59.94, Use the easy setup for DVCProHD 720p60 and everything will be right.Read other 3 answers

Problems with playing DVCPRO progressive movies

I have a DVCPRO HD 1080p25 movie (exported with Compressor from finalcut with DVCPRO HD 1080i50 codec, but without fields). It plays without problems in FCP and MPEG Streamclip, but in QuickTime the movie stock (fps shows me the correct 25, but on th

Video and Audio 2 frames out of sync: DVCPRO HD 720p60. Can you help me pl?

Hi, I'm capturing DVCPRO HD video 720p60 [shooted with a Panasonic VARICAM (AJ-HDC27)]. I'm using a Panasonic AJ-HD1200A videorecorder (by the Firewire port): on the Final Cut Pro (5.1) timeline, video and audio are out of sync (audio comes two frame

Temporal Compression Error on DVCPRO-HD720 files transferred from HVX200

DVCPROHD 720/60 transfer from HVX200/FireStore (have read other user having same problem from P2 card) still not working properly in FCP6 on Mac Pro. Files will function normally except when trying to FRC or conform -- they are incorrectly flagged as

Dvcam footage exporting "h.264 dv-pal high quality" isn't looking good?

hello guys thank you for assistance in my previous post. i couldn't thank you guys for some reason. however this is a related issue, my dv cam footage which i have edited and export isn't coming out at good quality as is on the preview screen, its lo

DVCPRO HD to 720x480 SD/NTSC in FCP

Hello - I'm working on a DVCPRO HD project in FCP 6.0.4 (at 59.94 fps). The final output needs to be for SD/NTSC at 720x480, 29.97 fps. Having a tough time down converting in FCP without digital artifacts. I've researched this on the web quite a bit,