DVCPRO HD to 720x480 SD/NTSC in FCP


Hello - I'm working on a DVCPRO HD project in FCP 6.0.4 (at 59.94 fps). The final output needs to be for SD/NTSC at 720x480, 29.97 fps. Having a tough time down converting in FCP without digital artifacts.
I've researched this on the web quite a bit, and have been unable to find a "standard" solution.
Any suggestions?


An HD capture card. AJA Kona series or even Matrox MXO. Both will downconvert and change the frame rate so that it will output fine to SD...which is 720x486 BTW, unless you are talking about DV.

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DVCPRO HD to 720x480 SD/NTSC in FCP

Hello - I'm working on a DVCPRO HD project in FCP 6.0.4 (at 59.94 fps). The final output needs to be for SD/NTSC at 720x480, 29.97 fps. Having a tough time down converting in FCP without digital artifacts. I've researched this on the web quite a bit,

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