DVCPRO HD downconverting to SD & MP2


I've searched the forum and haven't found the exact answer to my problem.
I have a music video in DVCPRO HD 50i. I want to make a DVD, a PAL SD version, and a smaller Quicktime version to play on computers.
I've made the SD versions by putting the DVCPRO HD file into a Uncompressed 8-bit SD timeline, outputting it, and making MP2 copies from that.
When viewed on a computer, all of the SD versions have the bumpy steps along hard edges when watched on a computer monitor, much like all DV does (and like especially DV-compressed titles) when viewed on a monitor. But the full-res DVCPRO HD version does not -- it's looks nice and smooth.
So, what's the best way to output an MP2, DV and drastically-scaled Quicktime file from a DVCPRO HD 50i file?
G5 quad, 4G RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  


try using Bonsia's method:
adapting that to your chosen workflow...
for the PAL SD version go into your Uncompressed 8-bit SD timeline's sequence settings, and under the Video Processing tab, change the "Motion Filtering" setting to "Fastest (Linear)". also you might want to add a Channel Blur of 1 pixel or less, which helps to reduce shimmer introduced by the fine detail of HD (which is too fine for SD!)
make the DVD from this PAL SD version (as before)
for the web version, compress to H.264 either directly from the HD original or from the above Uncompressed 8-bit SD copy

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DVCPRO HD downconverting to SD & MP2

I've searched the forum and haven't found the exact answer to my problem. I have a music video in DVCPRO HD 50i. I want to make a DVD, a PAL SD version, and a smaller Quicktime version to play on computers. I've made the SD versions by putting the DV

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