Duplicate Object Name Error When Publishing Crystal Reports from BW to BOE


We recently upgraded our systems (all client and server) to SP2.7 in order to solve a problem with saving Crystal Reports to BW.  Now we are experiencing a new error when trying to publish a Crystal Report from BW to BOE (either all in one step from Crystal Reports application or directly from within BW).
Upon trying to publish a Crystal Report from BW to BOE, we get the following error:
"An error occurred while saving and / or publishing.  The return code 1 was returned from the server.  Logon to Crystal Enterprise failed.  Unable to commit the changes to Enterprise.  Reason: Failed to commit objects to server : Duplicate object name in the same folder."
We have repeated this issue numerous time with different reports, users and logon credentials and have verified that there are NOT any duplicate object names.
Additionally, in some cases, the report ultimately publishes to BOE, but with the above error interruption along the way.
Any ideas?
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Apologies for the delayed response.  We've spent a few days poking around with this issue, and had even opened a customer message for it (13641).
In the end, it seems that the problem was somehow associated with the "Prepare this report for translation." flag in the "Save to BW Options" dialog box of Crystal Reports.  If we try to Save & Publish with the Translation flag selected, we get the duplicate entry error.  If we Save & Publish without the Translation flag selected, everything is fine.
There are still some details we need to look into, but for the time being it looks like we don't have an issue anymore(assuming we ever did) as we're not concerned with Translation capabilities.
If we come across the problem again, I'll post again.

October 11, 2015

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Hi, We recently upgraded our systems (all client and server) to SP2.7 in order to solve a problem with saving Crystal Reports to BW.  Now we are experiencing a new error when trying to publish a Crystal Report from BW to BOE (either all in one step f

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