Downloads Oracle Reports 6i


I'm currently following an Oracle course and we are now using Oracle Reports 6i for making reports.
Could anyone tell me if and where I can download this version (I have the Oracle 8i Personal Edition)? It's rather urgent because I would like to use it this weekend for practice?
Thanks in advance,


I believe there is no such download. The CD packs is not even orderable any longer!
Hope not to ruin your expectations now, but Dev server 6i/Reports developer reaches its "end of life" very soon. For developing report apps should be using 9i DS and AS (Dev suite and App server).

November 30, -0001

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Downloads Oracle Reports 6i

Hi, I'm currently following an Oracle course and we are now using Oracle Reports 6i for making reports. Could anyone tell me if and where I can download this version (I have the Oracle 8i Personal Edition)? It's rather urgent because I would like to

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