Downloading table data into Excel sheet - Webdynpro Java


Hi All,
We have developed a custom webdynpro application that executes an RFC and displays data in Table UI element. We have provided a button to download the data in excel sheet. When data is huge like, total number of rows filled up in the table are around 11,000 & columns are 32, and when user tries to download whole 11000 rows in excel sheet, the timeout occurs after 20 mins due to huge data. But when I apply filtering on the same table data and then try to download some 700 rows out of 11000 into excel, it took me around 3.36 mins.
If anyone encountered such scenario in past, please guide in this regard to speed-up the download to excel functionality or suggest any other alternative.
We are using 7.3 Portal and tableUtilities java class for export to excel functionality.


hi monica ,
sorry im not able to understand properly ,
The server don't restarts automatically when we uploading a huge data, onlly we open the file instead of save the file.
If we save the file the problem is that when we try to open this, the process can take hours and sometimes excel is blocked
you mean that after saving the file to your desktop , having huge data you are not able to open the file i.e the excel file. your file gets blocked or consumes more time to open the file ,
or else when you are prompted for saving or opening , on click of opening  you are facing the problem ?
let me be clear with your part , here your application deals with uploading the data from webdynpro table to excel sheet and allowing the end user to save or open the file  right .
Govardan Raj S

October 11, 2015

Downloading table data into Excel sheet - Webdynpro Java

Hi All, We have developed a custom webdynpro application that executes an RFC and displays data in Table UI element. We have provided a button to download the data in excel sheet. When data is huge like, total number of rows filled up in the table ar

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