Doubt on ALV report download to EXCEL


Hi All,
i have written a report with ALV_GRID FM, by default we get the option to download the output to excel. But when we click on the download to excel, it displays the output
in the frist page, but it also opens so many pages like
format, header, pivot,sub1,sub1....etc.
Pls. check the SAP standard report BCALV_TEST_FULLSCREEN, does the same thing when we do download to excel.
How can i avoid opening so many pages in excel?
Thanks for the help.


Hi ,
prabhu here , i think check the FM wheather u r passing all these to FM. for Excel keep export.param: --> i_save only and check.

October 11, 2015

Doubt on ALV report download to EXCEL

Hi All, i have written a report with ALV_GRID FM, by default we get the option to download the output to excel. But when we click on the download to excel, it displays the output in the frist page, but it also opens so many pages like format, header,

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