Data loss popup for cancel button on overview page


Hi Experts,
Data loss popup generally appears on UI, when i try to navigate with out saving the changes. This is a standard SAP behaviour.
But, i come across the requirement where this data loss popup should also appear on clicking the 'Cancel' button on overview page on UI.
I understood that, this popup will be triggered by the methods ON_BEFORE_WA_CONTENT_CHANGE & IF_BSP_WD_EVENT_HANDLER~HANDLE_EVENT of the window impl class.
Please suggest how can i make this popup work in case of Cancel button as well.


Hi bkvs,
Usually when you click the "Cancel" button that means you don't want to save your entry... hence displaying the dataloss popup doesn't make really sense to me. However, you may want the user to confirm that he really wants to cancel.
So I would suggest to redefine the EH_ON_CANCEL method of your view, to display a simple confirmation popup before you actually cancel everything. This wiki will show you how to do it:
Creating popup message in webclient UI - CRM - SCN Wiki

October 11, 2015

Data loss popup for cancel button on overview page

Hi Experts, Data loss popup generally appears on UI, when i try to navigate with out saving the changes. This is a standard SAP behaviour. But, i come across the requirement where this data loss popup should also appear on clicking the 'Cancel' butto

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