Cuts off leading zeros in a report column when "Download to Excel" function


When a text column contains leading zeros for example "000250" the download to Excel stores the string as "250" in the spreadsheet. I am using a column which is a string.(varchar)
Can somebody suggest me , how to go ahead with it
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(To Vins) Actually, concatenating a space doesn't do it. When the file is downloaded into Excel, the leading space is ignored and it the leading zeroes are still trimmed.
To user647228: A non-space character needs to be concatenated. Regarding what character to append, I would give the following consideration: If the users are content with seeing an added character to the "number," you can append say an underscore "_" and Excel will download the number properly. It's fairly unobtrusive and can be "visually ignored."
If the end user insists on gettin rid of the extra character once the file is downloaded, I would append a character that is rarely, if not never, used in the report. (This ensures or mitigates replacing other instances of the character.) Then you can do a Replace All in Excel to replace the extra character with a single apostrophe. The single apostrophe will be interpreted by Excel to mean "text" and the appearance will change to exactly what is desired.
Note: Replacing the extraneous character with a space for example, will result in the leading zeroes being again lopped off by Excel...

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Cuts off leading zeros in a report column when "Download to Excel" function

Hello When a text column contains leading zeros for example "000250" the download to Excel stores the string as "250" in the spreadsheet. I am using a column which is a string.(varchar) Can somebody suggest me , how to go ahead with it

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When a text column contains leading zeros for example "000250" the download to Excel stores the string as "250" in the spreadsheet I am unable to find a log about this thanks Muthanna1) Click on the fx button of the column in question.

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