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Sorry for asking this very old question now. I have gone through various blog posts and still i am unable to find any proper solution.
I am in OBIEE 11g. I would like to cutomize my answers login page  content. I don't want any text fields/buttons in the page . I need a simple plain page in which i want to post my customized message.  I am  able to locate the logonmessages.xml and other xml files under msgdb.
But i am unable to identify where the code for text fields,buttons are ? I don't see  any signin.html file in my installation.
There are 2 files analytics.ear and analytics.war on which i don't have any idea.
Could you please help me to achieve this?


OBIEE, Endeca and ODI: Login Page Custom Text : OBIEE 11g
Just curious which text fields/buttons in the page you want to take out and why ?

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Customizing login page

Hi, Sorry for asking this very old question now. I have gone through various blog posts and still i am unable to find any proper solution. I am in OBIEE 11g. I would like to cutomize my answers login page  content. I don't want any text fields/button

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