Customer payments report


Hi experts
I am looking for a report in which I can see a specific customer payments and the invoices that were cleared using these payments.
Actually S_ALR_87012177 is not good enough because the invoices cleared are missing.
Now I use FBL5N, and in the output I choose from the menu, environment, clearing transactions. The only problem I have is that all the amounts are in the company Local Currency and not document currency. Can I change it somehow? you know some other payments report?


Hi Ofer,
Sorry... I did not get you at first.
You can build a simple view (via SQVI) on BSAD table showing all the clearing documents.

October 11, 2015

Customer payments report

Hi experts I am looking for a report in which I can see a specific customer payments and the invoices that were cleared using these payments. Actually S_ALR_87012177 is not good enough because the invoices cleared are missing. Now I use FBL5N, and in

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