Customer payment to vendor


I want the table and transaction code for the below requiremnt.
let us think that we have one customer and vendor, both have g/l accounts.If the vendor supplies material to customer the customer needs to pay money from his account.
And  i shuld have selection screen field as vendor g/l account number and in output i shuold get the details of customers who did payment to this particular vendor.


Hi KK,
If you have Customer and as well as Vendor to the same party i.e. customer and vendor are same, you can do following.
For that go to the common T.code  F-53  for vendor payment and select there Othere accounts  button in vendor open item selection level.
next one more screen will appear ,there give the customer number and select account type D
So you can pay the rest of the 400 and you can clear the customer also.
I am giving some setting for vendor &customer same senario
1) Create Customer Master Data for the Party.
2) Create Vendor Master Data for the same Party.
3) Go to tranaction for Change Customer, go to Control Tab and specify the Vendor No in Vendor field.
4) Go to Payment Transactions tab, select the indicator "Clearing with Vendor".
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 for Vendor Master data change as well. Specify Customer No in Customer field of Vendor Master and also select the indicatro "Clearing with Customer".
In FBL1N, select the "Normal Item" to see the open item of your vendor. As it is posted as a normal item in that vendor account
In FBL5N, select the "Vendor Item" to the the vendor open item against selected customer.vise versa
May be this information is useful to you
If you have any doubt feel free to ask

October 11, 2015

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Hi, I want the table and transaction code for the below requiremnt. let us think that we have one customer and vendor, both have g/l accounts.If the vendor supplies material to customer the customer needs to pay money from his account. And  i shuld h

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