Customer Payment outbound IDOC trigger


Dear All,
I am working on one of our customer requirement to send Customer Payment data from SAP ECC 6.0 to their application using SAP PI 7.0
I have created a customer Invoice (in Transaction Code FB70) without any reference document .
Now I want to generate a Customer payment document on the top of Customer Invoice generated as mentioned above.
Can any one please suggest the following:
1) Can we generate Customer payment document in transaction FII0
2) What are the mandatory parameters to generate Customer payment document.
3) If I need to send this data to external application using IDOCs , so can i use Program RFFOEDI1 as suggested in other threads.
what are the parameters needs to given to run the program?
4) How to configure the our output type so whenever we generate a Customer payment document, an IDOC should be genarated.
Also please confirm if I can use IDOC PAYEXT with basic type PEXR2001 or should I go for some other IDOC.
Best Regards


1.  First you need to create Invoice (TCode -- FB60)
      Document Number will get generated.
  2. For Automatic Payment Program (Tcode-F110)
    Fill all the details which are mandatory.
   Then go to WE02, check if idoc got genearted.
  And then you can trigger the idoc.
  You can use PAYEXT with basic type PEXR2002

November 30, -0001

Customer Payment outbound IDOC trigger

Dear All, I am working on one of our customer requirement to send Customer Payment data from SAP ECC 6.0 to their application using SAP PI 7.0 I have created a customer Invoice (in Transaction Code FB70) without any reference document . Now I want to

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