Customer payment history record error


I have a query related to the customer payment history record.
Actually in customer master data I have not click in payment history record check box field, thats why system not calculated customer payment history in report S_ALR_87012177 and table KNB4. But after when i click on payment history recor , then when I  create a invoice and payment system calculate the data in customer payment history record.and table.
My query is How to display the data in payment history reocrd which was enetered before the before the check box payment history was enable in customer master
Please advise
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Customer payment history record is not getting displayed. We have selected payment history check box in customer master, but payment records prior to enabling customer history check box are not getting displayed.
Is there a way to display customer payment history records prior to enabling customer payment history check box in customer master

October 11, 2015

Customer payment history record error

Hi I have a query related to the customer payment history record. Actually in customer master data I have not click in payment history record check box field, thats why system not calculated customer payment history in report S_ALR_87012177 and table

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