Customer Payment Discounts beyond 2 levels


We are currently using "standard" discount successfully for our customer payments.  We recently purchased a new business with discounts that are outside the norm for SAP.  
Payment in 30 days  5.6% discount
Payment between 31 - 60 days 4.8% discount
Payment between 61 - 90 days 4.0% discount
Payment between 91 - 120 days 3.2% discount
Payment between 121 -150 days 2.4% discount
Payment after 150 day no discount
Is there a way to automatically handle this scenario?


Not possible in standard SAP.

November 30, -0001

Customer Payment Discounts beyond 2 levels

All, We are currently using "standard" discount successfully for our customer payments.  We recently purchased a new business with discounts that are outside the norm for SAP.   Example: Payment in 30 days  5.6% discount Payment between 31 - 60

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