Custom Logout Page based on PL/SQL


I need to write a custom logout page using PL/SQL Procedure.I have created a procedure as :
create or replace PROCEDURE my_logout
p_done_url in varchar2 default null,
p_paname in wwsec_api.array default wwsec_api.empty,
p_palogout in wwsec_api.array default wwsec_api.empty
I granted execute permission on this procedure to public.
I made the changes in WWSSO_LS_CONFIGURATION_INFO$ table and set login_url as 'UNUSED UNUSED http://host:port/pls/orasso/orasso.my_logout'
But on logout I keep getting the 404 'not found' error.
Please let me know if my declaration of the procedure is correct?


Pls take a look at Chapter 8-'Customizing the Single Sign-On Interface' of 'Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Administrator's Guide Release 2 (9.0.2)' for installing customized logout page.
Hope it helps!!!
The LOGIN_URL column contains three values separated by a space. The first value specifies the URL for the Login page, the second the URL for the Change Password page, and the third the value for the Single Sign-Off page.
By default, the LOGIN_URL column contains the values UNUSED UNUSED UNUSED, which specify that the Login, Change Password, and Single Sign-Off pages use the standard Single Sign-On pages.

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Custom Logout Page based on PL/SQL

Hi I need to write a custom logout page using PL/SQL Procedure.I have created a procedure as : create or replace PROCEDURE my_logout p_done_url in varchar2 default null, p_paname in wwsec_api.array default wwsec_api.empty, p_palogout in wwsec_api.arr

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