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Hi, Im trying to create a workflow for Customer Creation Notification.  I used the object KNA1, but KNA1 did not conatin any events that's why I created a copy, which is zKNA1.  I added the event of creation of customer, but how can I link zKNA1  to the Customer creation process (tcode XD01)?  Thanks and appreciate your help.


Hi Angela,
BADI is a user exit that gets calls when a particular transaction is executed in the system. T-code for the same is SE18.
You can add your own custom logic to modify the functionality as per customer requirements.
To find out the related BADI's for a transaction you can use the following approach:
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FM SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT is used to trigger a Business Object event. You can find it in t-code SE37.
In the BADI implementation you need to make a call to this FM that would inturn trigger your workflow.
Hope this helps!
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Create Customer Workflow

Hi, Im trying to create a workflow for Customer Creation Notification.  I used the object KNA1, but KNA1 did not conatin any events that's why I created a copy, which is zKNA1.  I added the event of creation of customer, but how can I link zKNA1  to

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