Cost center / Element report downloadable to excel


does anybody know of a cost center/elements total report by period?
s_alr_87013613 has the information but can not get both values (cost center and elements) in columns that it is usable for excel.
I looked deeply and could not find anything.
I searched also the forums and could not find a valid awnser.
My only workaround is run KSB1 and create a PIVOT which does not really make sense
also there might be many line items.
Anybody else has an idea?
I can not believe it is not available. It seems like such a basic report.
Thanks so much for your support


thanks for the help.
I decided to make a query on COSP (not COEP due to runtime).
Cost object i splitt with local fields and field[[first digit:last digit]] function if there is another person looking for the same.
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October 11, 2015

Cost center / Element report downloadable to excel

Hi does anybody know of a cost center/elements total report by period? s_alr_87013613 has the information but can not get both values (cost center and elements) in columns that it is usable for excel. I looked deeply and could not find anything. I se

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