Converting oracle reports with .rdf  into bi publisher reports


Hi Gurus,
Iam new to BI Publisher, Could some one help me in converting oracle reports with .rdf into bi publisher reports. Any help is greatly appreciated.


What you are trying to do?
Can you please elaborate , i guess its an rtf template to pdf / excel
Let me put some points
1) Bi Publisher is a pixel perfect reports ll generate
2) Its completely based on XML data ,based on XML data we can create RTF template from where u can get output as PDF/HTML/EXCEL....
Please go through

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Converting oracle reports with .rdf  into bi publisher reports

Hi Gurus, Iam new to BI Publisher, Could some one help me in converting oracle reports with .rdf into bi publisher reports. Any help is greatly appreciated.hi, What you are trying to do? Can you please elaborate , i guess its an rtf template to pdf /

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I have a main sequence that runs several sequences of tests.  I would like to have these tests create separate reports and then link them from my main sequence's report.  I have selected HTML reporting style.  I have figured out how to link by lookin

Printing issue with pdftops for XML publisher reports.

Hi All, We have recently upgraded from 11.5.10 to R12.1.3. We are facing a strange issue for some of the seeded reports that were converted to type XML after R12 upgrade. First, the reports were printed with junk / xml character while submitting the

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I have a ECF Multi Value field (MVF) at the Task Level and have created a report.  In Excel it wants to add it as a Pivotable, which makes sense and I end up with a row for each MVF.  If a Task has 3 MV selected there are 3 rows returned. I want to s

Problem with data size in XML Publisher report

Hi Experts, I am working on EBS11i and database 9i. I working on XML Publisher reports, i have one XML Publisher report with generating output in EXCEL format. If i submit the report, if the data is huge (like 2.3 million records), it's ending up wit

Ho to create Publications Reports using OBIEE 11g BI Publisher

Hi All, I have a report, actually a publication to be printed on pdf. The content is basically lot of formatted text such as in any text book or manual such as table of contents, index, all type of graphs/charts , tabular information with numbers, fo

Xml publisher report giving warning

Hi friends, I have a issue with xml publisher report. All existing xml publisher reports are working fine. Only the problem is newly created one. Application version dDtabase 9i BIdesktop version is MS office  2010 i checked the

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Hi, I have a composite report (main report with 9 subreports). The report uses web service as datasorce and is provided with single xml file containing the schema and all the tables for the main reports and its subreports. The problem I encounter is


I  need to make changes to a report with a customized form and report type FAGLFLEXT . I need the value of the retained profit/loss  for the year to show a negative as the client made a loss for the year The role where the retained profit or loss is

How to convert Oracle reports into excel?

How can we convert Oracle reports into excel. i know there was a thread on this topic which i am not able to find. give the link / help.I found Std Oracle Report output to Excel Sheet has some suggestions. Not being a Reports person anymore I am not

Converted Oracle 6i Report

Hi All, I used BI Publisher conversion utility to convert oracle report 6i to BI Publisher. In the following XML template file i got few quries. I need a hint how can i migrate this report to APEX. Thanks. Ribhi <?xml version="1.0" encoding=&

Run XML Publisher Report  via URL (like Oracle Reports)

Hi All, Is it possible to run xml-publisher report via URL? In Oracle Reports works this fine: http://test:7777/reports/rwservlet?server=test_bihome1&report=test1.rdf&userid=test/[email protected]&desformat=pdf&destype=cache We need this for public

Integrating mod_plsql reports with Oracle Apps. A maddening dilemma.

I'm hoping there is some guru out there that has the perfect solution to this maddening dilemma I'm facing. The crux of the issue is this. I've created mod_plsql reports that can accept a session_id with which they can set a user context based on glo

REPORT with dynamic WHERE CLAUSE (run RDF or REP) ?

Hi: When running a REPORT (myreport.rep) with dynamic where clause using a lexical parameter, I got this error: REP-1439: Cannot compile .REP or .PLX file as it does not have source If i run the report specifiying RDF extension (myreport.rdf) the rep

Use Oracle Reports with Jdeveloper 11

Hi, My next question. How to use Oracle Reports with jdeveloper 11. I have more oracle reports (used with a existing forms application) and i need to migrate this application to web-adf application. I think that is very powerful to use this oracle de

Calling XML Publisher report(RDF based) From OAF

Hi All, I have requirement where i need to call one of the custom XML Publisher report from oaf by passing the parameters. and i dnt want this using concurrent program. I have an idea of calling xml publisher report which is Data Template based(XML).

How to convert Oracle scheme into UML

I created Oracle scheme with Toad database modeler. I'm interested how I can convert it into UML diagram? Is there any tool that can convert it?You can use some Tools :- 1-altova 2-microsoft visio, its contain features that allow you to convert to UM

XML Publisher report errors out when RDF report has no data

Hi everyone, I created a template and attached it to an RDF. When i run the oracle report with the attached template, if the report has 'not data exists' the report is erroring out. is it the normal functionality of XML publiher??. Because i remember

How can I convert a PDF/A file into a PDF file with Acrobat Pro X?

How can I convert a PDF/A file into a PDF file with Acrobat Pro X? I'd like to modifiy the file which I have only as a PDF/A.There's two answers if you want to modify the file: You can temporarily turn off PDF/A Mode in your preferences, so they don'

Integration oracle reports with ADF

Hi All, I am getting error- REP-110: File spare_request.rdf cannot be opened. REP-1070: An error occurred while opening or saving a document. REP-0110: File spare_request.rdf cannot be opened As per Sameh Nassar: Call Oracle Reports From Your ADF App