Connecting MDM to multiple instances of XI


Hi All,
does anyone know if it is a) possible and b) sensible to connect a single instance of MDM to multiple instances of XI?
We have two regional XI instances set-up, but a single MDM instance being planned - I guess the question I'm asking is, can we use the single MDM instance to manage the data for all the client systems we have attached to both instances of XI??? (e.g. region 1 R/3, region 2 R/3, region 1 BW, region 2 BW etc).
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!


Hi Tim,
I guess this is possible. If you set-up syndication, you will need to ensure you use different ports/folders for each of the XI systems and then configure XI to fetch the files from the folder assigned to them.
I think you could also verify if one XI could be the primary one, routing information to the other box if needed.

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Connecting MDM to multiple instances of XI

Hi All, does anyone know if it is a) possible and b) sensible to connect a single instance of MDM to multiple instances of XI? We have two regional XI instances set-up, but a single MDM instance being planned - I guess the question I'm asking is, can

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