Confirmation required won't leave screen


I made a purchase and it went thru and is working.  But when I went into update aps on my itouch the screen come up CONFIRMATION REQUIRED
Do you still want to buy 100K credits fo .99?
Cancel   Buy  and its locked won't let me do anyting


I have the same problem. I can do other things, but every time I come back to the app store it comes back to this screen.

November 30, -0001

Confirmation required won't leave screen

I made a purchase and it went thru and is working.  But when I went into update aps on my itouch the screen come up CONFIRMATION REQUIRED Do you still want to buy 100K credits fo .99? Cancel   Buy  and its locked won't let me do anytingI have the sam

My ipod is stuck on confirmation required screen and it will not let me do anything in itunes what do i need to do

how do i get this confirmation required screen off of the itune pageReset it by holding the power and home buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo, then release.Read other 2 answers

My iPad 2 won't start, screen stays balck even plugs into charger for 15 minutes. What can i try?

my iPad 2 won't start, screen stays black while  plugged into charger. What can i try?Hello Bfreilicher, Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. For more information on this, take a look at: iOS: Not responding or does not turn on http://support.

Why won't my screen turn when the phone does?

why won't my screen turn when the phone does?Not all apps support screen rotation. The Home screens do not rotate. But also check to make sure you have not locked screen rotation. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center an

IPad won't full screen on videos

My iPad 2 won't full screen on videos. Not just safari and youtube. Thanks for any help!Factory restore? Just make sure u make a backup first.Read other 2 answers

Phone won't leave the clock screen

Hey guys, I have a lumia 1020 and all of a sudden it wont leave the front screen that has the clock on it.  Pressing the power button doesn't bring up the lock screen and doing a soft reset didn't do anything either.  Any ideas? Cheers, [email protected] jack

When I'm on youtube and I'm watching a video, and I switch tabs or look at something else, the video from youtube will appear in the corner of my screen and won't leave.

Alright, lets say I'm watching a video on youtube. If I switch tabs, the video from youtube will appear in my top left screen and won't go away. Or if I go to any other site or program and try to open a file from my computer, the video will pop up in

IPhone 4s iOS 6 : Won't off screen to standby mode even I set auto lock time out to 1 minute.

Hi, Just found out after my iPhone 4s updated to iOS 6, the screen stay on more than 5 minutes when I leave it on my desk. I've set auto lock time out to 1 minute. But sometime works, sometimes won't. This issue darin battery life and very in-conveni

Windows Won't Fill Screen

It's not very big, but as you can see in the image below, there's a tiny dark area at the bottom of the screen which is my desktop. Is there any way to make the window go all the way down? I've tried just dragging it but it stops where it's at. I als

Leave screen?

How can I return back? If I press the button the program says nothing. And I cann't go back. Thanks! TABLES sscrfields. SELECTION-SCREEN PUSHBUTTON /10(20) btn1 USER-COMMAND bnt1. INITIALIZATION.   MOVE 'Here!!! TO btn1. AT SELECTION-SCREEN.   IF ssc

Sport case for iPhone 4 that won't strip screen protector

I have a Zagg screen protector on my iPhone 4 and have tried it with a few different sport cases (the kind that yuou strap to your arm while you jog) but the one's I've used have a soft, clear plastic front. What I've found is that after an hour of e

How do you turn off the password requirment to unlock from screen saver?

In mac system prefrence under the secuirity options there is no checkbox or way to turn off the password requirment while the mac is on screen saver mode or sleep mode? I read in mac help that there should be an option?Can you try logging on as anoth

Are IWBK only considering requirements on the component screen on PM orders

Hello We use External operations on PM orders.  And from that are created purchase requisitions? But it seems that this purchase requisitions is not validated by IWBK? If I create exactly the same purchase requisition from the component screen on the

Confirmation Required Please.

Please can someone confirm for me, does the iPod touch 32gb 3rd gen play music out loud without the use of earphones/docking station? Many thanksYes.Read other 2 answers

Confirmation required for Domino adaptor

Does the adapter work with the Lotus CA Process? CA stands for certificate authority. This process controls access to the Notes certifiers, which are used for user registration (creates & moves) I believe it does but can someone confirm this???XI rej

Why won't my screen rotate when I turn my device?

On safari and YouTube and other videos. m Basic troubleshooting steps   17" 2.2GHz i7 Quad-Core MacBook Pro  8G RAM  750G HD + OCZ Vertex 3 SSD Boot HD  Got problems w

My iTouch is stuck in the calendar. Added an alert, hit done and it won't leave the page. Won't let me cancel it either.

My 4th gen iTouch is fairly new. Upgraded from a 2nd gen.  Today when I added an event in my calendar and then added an alert, it froze. I hit the done button, nothing. I can't get back to the general calendar. Turned the iTouch off for 20 seconds, s

IPod Nano won't update; screen stays on "Do not disconnect" for hours

Every time I plug in my iPod Nano, the "Do Not Disconnect" screen pops up and stays there. At first, iTunes responded and said it updated it, which it didn't, but now, iTunes doesn't even respond. The iPod just stays on the screen forever and my

Logic X Won't Save Screen Sets

So this is kind of a strange problem, and I've been searching for a while now and can't seem to find anyone with the same issue. Recently my dad upgraded from Logic 9 to 10 and shortly afterwards he noticed that the screen set layouts will not save w

Microsoft confirms: Skype won't be a universal app for Windows 10

ZDNet got a Microsoft rep to answer some questions about Windows 10 and Skype. Here's the quick summary of what Microsoft revealed during that Q&A:"The take-aways: Microsoft isn't planning to redo its Modern Skype app as a Universal Windows app,