Column name in user_ind_columns, all_ind_columns


The oracle data dictionary seems to assign a new system generated name (for example 'SYS_NC00008$') to index columns where the descend value = 'DESC';
SQL> select index_name, index_owner, column_name, descend from all_ind_columns
where descend = 'DESC';
1 row selected.
is there a way to get the proper column name through a join to another table?
This is what I tried
SQL> select a.index_name, a.index_owner, a.table_name, b.column_name, a.descend
from all_ind_columns a, user_tab_columns b
where a.table_name = b.table_name and a.column_name = b.column_name and a.descend = 'DESC';
no rows selected
Is this fixed in 9i?
Thanks in advance,
David Wilson.


I get exactly the same results in both 9.0.1 and 9.2.0, so it is unchanged in 9i. However, it is not a bug, so it will not be fixed. The reason you get the system generated name with a DESC index is that Oracle implements it as a function based index.
If you really need the "real" column name, it is in the default$ column of sys.col$.
I suppose you could add that column to a custom version of the xxx_ind_columns views if you really needed it.

October 11, 2015

Column name in user_ind_columns, all_ind_columns

The oracle data dictionary seems to assign a new system generated name (for example 'SYS_NC00008$') to index columns where the descend value = 'DESC'; SQL> select index_name, index_owner, column_name, descend from all_ind_columns where descend = 'DES

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