Client-Auth reports: HTTP4031: Unexpected error receiving data


I noticed that the below error logged in errors log
trying to GET /my/jsp/passo/, Client-Auth reports: HTTP4031: Unexpected error receiving data (End of file)
I configured obj.conf for the above one
<If $uri =~ "/my(/passo.*)">
NameTrans fn="restart" from="$uri" uri="/ap/jsp$1"
<Object ppath="/my/jsp/passo/*">
PathCheck fn="get-client-cert" dorequest="1"
Please correct me if i am wrong in the configuration. If i removed those lines it is started working. but i am not sure this will enforce the request to provide certificate from the client.
I highly be appreciated if any one responded.


The below one is the correct configurations
<If $uri =~ "/my(/passo.*)">
NameTrans fn="restart" from="$uri" uri="/my/jsp$1"
<Object ppath="/my/jsp/passo/*">
PathCheck fn="get-client-cert" dorequest="1"

November 30, -0001

Client-Auth reports: HTTP4031: Unexpected error receiving data

I noticed that the below error logged in errors log trying to GET /my/jsp/passo/, Client-Auth reports: HTTP4031: Unexpected error receiving data (End of file) I configured obj.conf for the above one <If $uri =~ "/my(/passo.*)"> NameTrans f

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