Capture: DVCPRO HD 1080p30 vs Apple ProRes 422


We shot a project at 1080p30, 29.97 fps. I'm wondering if I should capture this footage using the DVCPRO HD 1080p30 setting or the Apple ProRes 422 setting. And why would you recommend using one or the other.
Thank you very much!


I called AJA and they can do it with an Intel Mac Pro 3ghz dual core.

October 11, 2015

Capture: DVCPRO HD 1080p30 vs Apple ProRes 422

We shot a project at 1080p30, 29.97 fps. I'm wondering if I should capture this footage using the DVCPRO HD 1080p30 setting or the Apple ProRes 422 setting. And why would you recommend using one or the other. Thank you very much!I called AJA and they

FCP Apple PRORES 422 (HQ) setting-how to export?

I am importing and dropping in scanned images from the storyboard into FCP and then importting and placing on the timeline some digital animated images which have been done in the format 1920x1080 24fps. They have been put through shake and we chose

Should I use H.264 or Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) ?

After editing in FCP X, I am sharing through Master File to an external Hard Drive.  It is only for playing in computer or in Sony T.V.   I don't need the content back for editing.  In settings, should I choose video codec as H.264 or Apple ProRes 42

Need advice about H.264 and Apple ProRes 422.

When exporting a "master file" I can encode the video as H.264 or Apple ProRes 422 (etc). The H.264 is more compressed but still in 1080p? Does this mean that I do not have to compress the file with "Compressor"? What is the advantage

How Do I Edit Apple ProRes 422 HQ on my PC?

I've recieved some footage that I'm supposed to be editing, but all of is Apple ProRes 422 HQ and I've got a PC. Everytime I try to import the files into either Premiere CC or AfterFX CC the audio works, but the video is just a blank green screen. So

Audio drop-out in FCPX with 1920x1080 & 2048x1240p @ 24p (codec Apple ProRes 4444 (Linear PCM))24p

Hi all... I'm new to this forum. Is there an audio issue (drop-outs) with FCPX (ver 10.1.2) for 1920x1080 24p, 1080p HD & 2048x1240 24p (2k) - note: films in FCPX are in codec Apple ProRes 4444, Linear PCM? Very recently I've been working on a show r

Pesky Artifacting in Prores 422 HQ, Need to get rid of it!

Hey everyone! So I'm coming up against a hard deadline soon, and my color correctionist is experience two major problems, a solution to one of them would solve it, but we're stuck. I've got an issue in color, but the secondary way around it was to ta

ProRes 422 Not Playing in QuickTime 7.6 or FCP5

I am trying to edit footage exported from REDrushes with the QuickTime ProRes 422 codec. After I export the file it does not play in either FCP5 or QuickTime 7.6. Under the "Show Movie Properties" in QuickTime, the video shows the "Video Tr

How do I set up Premiere as ProRes 422 at 1440 x 1080?

Hello. I am still on the learning curve for Premiere Pro having held out on FCP 7 for as long as possible. Anyway. I need to edit a project that was shot on HDV. It was originally captured as ProRes 422 in FCP at 1440x 1080. I am now importing the vi

HDV to ProRes 422?

I've got a 90 minute movie to cut.  2/3'rds of the original material was shot with a Sony HDV camera 60i.  The other third is XDCam (HQ), also 60i. I'm trying to figure out a protocol. The film is aimed at some kind of theatrical distribution, festiv

How to transfer XDCAM from EX1 using ProRes 422

Ok, I'm starting to think a little above my pay-grade here, but: My understanding is that I can directly import XDCAM files shot on a Sony EX1 by placing the SxS card in my MBP express card slot and using Sony's transfer application. However, I want

Any advantage in working in ProRes 422 start to finish

Since it's possible to capture ProRes 422 via firewire now is there any advantage to working with it from start to finish? The workflow now has been capture and work in HDV and render to a ProRes Timeline when finished. I'd Like to hear some opinions

ProRes 422 settings

I have 2 Sony HDV cameras, HDR-FX1 and HDR-FX7, all my footage was shot in the HDV format. I want to use ProRes 422 (HQ) for my capture and sequence presets. The question I have is which is the proper sequence setting? 1920 x 1080 60i 48 kHz OR 1440

Why is my black and white video showing purple/green color cast from ProRes 422 h264?

When transcoding from ProRes 422 to h264 in Adobe Media Encoder, I'm seeing both green and purple color cast on my black and white video.  ProRes on top, h264 on bottom.

Choppy video playback with FCP 6 and 5D footage already converted to Aplle ProRes 422

I am trying to edit a film I shot on the Canon 5D using FCP 6. I converted my raw files from the Canon 5D to Apple ProRes (HQ) . But as I try to work on the timeline everything is super choppy and drops frames constantly. I am trying to sync audio as

Are the Apple ProRes Codec's already installed in Final Cut Pro X or do I have to download them separately

I am new to Final Cut Pro.  I recently bought Final Cut Pro X.  Enjoying it.  I cannot seem to find anywhere if the Apple ProRes family of codec come included in Final Cut Pro X or do I have to buy and download them separately? I have 10.08.5 operati

Psf (ProRes 422 HQ) import/interpret in Premiere CS6

Hello... I recorded with an AJA KiPro Mini through a Sony FS-100 over HDMI. It didn't work out the way I wanted, because the KiPro wasn't set to work with the FS-100 in a way. So I recorded Quicktime-files in ProRes 422 (HQ) with Progressive Segmente

HDV exported as ProRes 422 produces 4:3 in iDVD?

AVCHD exported from FCP X as ProRes 422 works perfectly in iDVD producing a 16:9 DVD. HDV doesn't, even though QT Player plays it perfectly. The odd thing is that 4 years ago, using legacy FCP my exported HDV videos had no problems being recognised a

Apple ProRes and Lightroom

Are Apple pProRes files compatible with Lightroom 4 or above? I know that Apple ProRes works with Abobe Premiere. I would like to use LR to catalogue video footage and edit in Premiere. ThanksHi, Premiere Pro will play the ProRes clips on PC or Mac,

MP4 to Apple ProRes codec

Hi all! Just a quick query here. I have a GoPro HD Hero sports camera which shoots at MP4. As FCP doesn't like the format I have converted to Apple ProRes using good old MPEG Streamclip. I had roughly 40GB of rushes and once converted it has taken th