Cannot Ingest AVCHD .MTS files in FCP 7


I am trying to Ingest .mts files into Final Cut Pro 7.
I dragged all of the files from an SD card onto one of my External Hard Drives.
I open up Final Cut Pro 7, Go to Log and Transfer, Navigate to the AVCHD folder then to the BDMV folder then finally to the STREAM folder. In the STREAM folder sits all of the .mts files. They are all greyed out and I cannot Ingest them. They will not add to the Log and Transfer Window in FCP 7.
What am I doing wrong? How can I Ingest these files into FCP 7 so I can edit with them?
Thanks in Advance.
I have a Mac Intel
Final Cut Studio 3


Just saw that Adam's original post was an older one.  Will keep this here anyway to maybe help the most recent poster.
Adam, did you try what David said about pointing to the root folder?  Did that work?
When I copy the SD card, I name a new folder on my hard drive something specific, like Smith Wedding.  Then I copy everything inside the SD card to that new folder.  The first level inside my new folder now has folders for
and on down from there.  When you open Log and Transfer, point it to the Smith Wedding folder (of course whatever you have named yours).
ClipWrap2 also works great to convert the files beforehand if you want.
What camera are you using?  I have the Sony NX30 and it was giving me fits because the .mts files don't ingest if the clips are longer than 11 min. My problem is that I'm still on FCP 6.0.6.  I think 7.0.3 fixed that.  But I did find enough work-arounds to keep the camera. 
This is a link to the full discussion if you are interested.
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I am trying to Ingest .mts files into Final Cut Pro 7. I dragged all of the files from an SD card onto one of my External Hard Drives. I open up Final Cut Pro 7, Go to Log and Transfer, Navigate to the AVCHD folder then to the BDMV folder then finall

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