Cancelling workflow in sourcing7


I am using sourcing 7. My question is, how do I cancel a workflow? I do not see Workflow Definitions -> Current Workflow Processes in sourcing 7.
Scenario: Contract document is submitted for approval. Approvers receive an email to take necessary action on the document.
System admin logs in and wants to cancel the workflow. After this the Approvers should not see the pending action item and contract document status will move back to previous phase.
Appreciate any help.


Hi Palz & Moumita,
In our landscape we have enabled cancel on Contract Document screen with following option
1) Copy the standard report for cancelling Workflow and create one restricted to the current Contract Document (This can be done with a hidden filter) - Note for this type of query to work, a new Query group has to be created for Contract Document since the hidden filter would be of Object Picker type
2) Create a new report for the custom query
3) Add this report to the "Document Report Configuration" for Contract Document
To Cancel the workflow -
1) Open the Contract Document in Workflow
2) Go to Reports on Contract Document toolbar and run the report to cancel Workflow
3) New pop up window opens with option to Cancel the Workflow

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Cancelling workflow in sourcing7

Hi, I am using sourcing 7. My question is, how do I cancel a workflow? I do not see Workflow Definitions -> Current Workflow Processes in sourcing 7. Scenario: Contract document is submitted for approval. Approvers receive an email to take necessary

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