Can't import prores files into Premiere Pro CC or SpeedGrade CC


Can't import prores files into Premiere Pro CC or SpeedGrade CC. But I can into After Effects CC.
I also can't export to DNxHD files to an MXF file either.
I do have latest Quicktime Pro installed and I also have Avid Media Composer and the other pieces of the Avid package.


I only have one account on the computer and it has Administrator priveleges.  What I am doing to make it work is opening the application using the "Run as Administrator" command (e.g., right click application shortcut on desktop, choose "Run as Administrator").  I am not a Windows guru but I would guess there is something different between opening an Application with a user that has Administrator priveleges and opening an Application choosing "Run as Administrator".  Also, your answer still does not address the fact that I can't use my jog wheel.
Anyone else have some ideas?

November 30, -0001

Can't import prores files into Premiere Pro CC or SpeedGrade CC

Can't import prores files into Premiere Pro CC or SpeedGrade CC. But I can into After Effects CC. I also can't export to DNxHD files to an MXF file either. I do have latest Quicktime Pro installed and I also have Avid Media Composer and the other pie

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