Can SQL Loader load files on a remote server?


I normally use SQL loader on my PC to load an 8i database located on an NT server in another state. The input file is rather large and takes several hours to load-- even with all the contraints, etc. disabled. I assume this due mostly to all the network hops between my PC and the server. I now have an FTP that can place the input file on our Oracle DB server itself. It seems to make sense that if the files were located on the server, it would load much faster. My question is: is it possible to create a sql loader process to load files located on the remote Oracle server that I can initiate or control from my PC?
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Windows Terminal Services will allow you to interact with the server where you are loading the data. You could FTP the file to the remote server, start a Terminal Services session, and type or run your parameter file at a command prompt. One thing to be aware of is setting the ORACLE_SID environment variable. When you set ORACLE_SID and try to connect to the database withconnect / as sysdbayou will get the following errorERROR: ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter errorbut if you connect withconnect /@<connect_string> as sysdbathe connection works perfect. Don't really know the details on why it does this but just a issue to look out for.

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Can SQL Loader load files on a remote server?

Hello, I normally use SQL loader on my PC to load an 8i database located on an NT server in another state. The input file is rather large and takes several hours to load-- even with all the contraints, etc. disabled. I assume this due mostly to all t

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