Can file adapter be used to write to remote server


Hi, can file adpater be used to write to a remote server(say from linux to windows) or we have to run an ftp server and use the ftp adapter only.


Hi Manish,
As mentioned by Hisaak, File adapter should be used to write files locally and FTP adapter should be used to write files on remote servers. Still if you want to use file adapter then you have to mount/map the network drive (drive at remote server) to your local machine and then you may use File adapter, provided proper permissions are there.

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Can file adapter be used to write to remote server

Hi, can file adpater be used to write to a remote server(say from linux to windows) or we have to run an ftp server and use the ftp adapter only. Thanks ManishHi Manish, As mentioned by Hisaak, File adapter should be used to write files locally and F

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