Calling Report from Form Error ORA-06508


Dear all,
I want migrate from Fom6i to Oracle Developer Suite 10g (10.1).
I have modified file DEFAULT.ENV
i do not have problem call a form from form.
but when i call report from form show error ORA-06508 : PL/SQL : could not find program unit being called ; -6508
my procedure is
     list_id ParamList;
list_id := Get_Parameter_List('input_params');
IF NOT Id_Null(list_id) THEN
list_id := Create_Parameter_List('input_params');
Do I miss something ?
Can any one help ?


Thank you for your replay.
The problem have solved.
This my step :
1. Install Windows XP SP2 and Form on new pc.
2. Install Jinit version
3. Create report server
3. Compile form, report and pll
4. call report from from with this procedure :
PROCEDURE Call_Report (vFILENAME varchar2) IS
report_id                Report_Object;
ReportServerJob VARCHAR2(100);
vc_rep_status      VARCHAR2(100);
repsvr                          varchar2(21) := 'myserv';
userid                         VARCHAR2(100);
pass                          VARCHAR2(100);
Host                    VARCHAR2(100);
userid          := Get_Application_Property(USERNAME) ;
pass          := Get_Application_Property(PASSWORD) ;
Host          := Get_Application_Property(CONNECT_STRING) ;
report_id:= find_report_object('REPORT');
vc_rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(ReportServerJob);
WHILE vc_rep_status in ('RUNNING','OPENING_REPORT','ENQUEUED', null)
IF vc_rep_status='FINISHED' THEN
message ('Report failed with error message '|| vc_rep_status);
Ok, but i have another strange error. I will post new thread.
Thank you and regards
Teguh S

October 11, 2015

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