Calling custom Infotype method from ABAP report


Hi Experts,
I am working on an application where i need to call a method of a custom defined infotype.
I have done this -->
1. Create a custom infotype 9111
2. SAP creates a class of that infotype ZCL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_9111
3. Inside this method there are few inherited method which provide me functionality of insert , update , delete
i want to call methods IF_HRPA_INFTY_BL~MODIFY,
However when i call these method from abap report this method does not work.
where as when i try to insert an entry using PA30 transaction it works.
Does anyone know why does this happen and what is the solution?
Ashish Shah


This is the code we are using. Just calling the read and modify methods of the check class. Very simple actually .. we just want once update/insert to work but it does not.
FIELD-SYMBOLS <p9106> TYPE p9106.
DATA : infty_container_tab TYPE hrpad_infty_container_tab ,
       message_list        TYPE REF TO cl_hrpa_message_list,
     w_ok type boole_d  ,
     ref_class TYPE REF TO ZCL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_9106,
     container        TYPE REF TO if_hrpa_infty_container,
     it9106_container TYPE REF TO cl_hrpa_infotype_container,
     p9106_ref        TYPE REF TO data,
    busilog type ref to if_hrpa_masterdata_bl.
CREATE OBJECT  message_list.
        CREATE OBJECT ref_class
            tclas = 'A'
            infty = '9106'.
      CATCH cx_hrpa_violated_assertion .
        write :/ 'Error during initialization'.
call method cl_hrpa_masterdata_bl=>get_instance
     masterdata_bl = busilog.
    tclas           = 'A'
    pernr           = 'XXXXXXXX'
    infty           = '9106'
    begda           = sy-datum
    endda           = sy-datum
    no_auth_check   = abap_true
    message_handler = message_list
    container_tab   = infty_container_tab
    is_ok           = w_ok.
CATCH cx_hrpa_violated_assertion .
   WRITE :/ 'Infotype could not be read'.
*" Fill the local structure with container data:
  loop at infty_container_tab into container.
    it9106_container ?= container.
    CALL METHOD it9106_container->primary_record_ref
        pnnnn_ref =  p9106_ref.
     CATCH cx_hrpa_violated_assertion .
    ASSIGN p9106_ref->* to <p9106>.
    write :/ <p9106> .
*" Just change some field values of the record
  <p9106>-C1name2 = 'Test name'.
  <p9106>-C2name2 = 'Test name 2 3 4'.
data : return TYPE BAPIRETURN1,
       return1 TYPE BAPIRETURN1.
   number        = <p9106>-pernr
  RETURN        = return1
*PERFORM do_nothing(sapfp50p).
The container itself is modified
  container ?= it9106_container->modify_primary_record( <p9106> ).
CREATE OBJECT message_list.
the invocation - errors are always fatal !!!
  DATA : lx_exception  TYPE REF TO cx_root,
         update_mode type HRPAD_UPDATE_MODE,
         massn type massn,
         massg type massg.
           old_container =                   it9106_container
           massn                          = massn
           massg                         = massg
           update_mode =                 update_mode
           no_auth_check =                   'X'
           message_handler =                 message_list
           is_ok =                           w_ok
           container =                       container
    CATCH cx_hrpa_violated_assertion INTO lx_exception.
      RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_wd_no_handler
        EXPORTING previous = lx_exception.
I have also tried by instantiating the cl_hrpa_masterdata_bl and then calling the methods on that object...... makes no difference.
I used this link to proceed with the modifications:
The funny thing is that the WHOLE logic executes without any error messages or dumps or anything. I have now debugged almost every line of code that these methods call. PA30 works just fine. HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION does not .. that's a whole differnt story.

November 30, -0001

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