Call Oracle Help for Java in Oracle forms running in the web


Hi, everyone,
We are developing a web-enabled Oracle database application
system. Oracle suggested us to use Oracle Help for Java(OHJ) to
create an online help system for the web environment. We
successfully created a OHJ program which can be independently.
But we still have no idea how to call this OHJ program from the
forms running in the web environment.
Could anyone help us out?


I would like to know if anyone has been able to do this too. Could someone respond if they have successfully gotten this to work?

November 30, -0001

Call Oracle Help for Java in Oracle forms running in the web

Hi, everyone, We are developing a web-enabled Oracle database application system. Oracle suggested us to use Oracle Help for Java(OHJ) to create an online help system for the web environment. We successfully created a OHJ program which can be indepen

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