BWAV import problem


I'm a Logic beginner with a file import problem.
I have 60+ BWAV files recorded in another app (Tracktion 3). Four mics in parallell into two stereo tracks with 30+ recordings, one after another, distributed over a couple of hours. I recorded 50 short pipe organ pieces that I intend to edit in Logic 9. I have added them to the bin. I have tested to add a few to one track and "Move to Original Recording Position", but...
Logic says: "The stored time stamp of 1 region(s) exeeds the limits of this project (The time stamp of the first region is 00:00:32:18:40)"
BWAV-Reader says:
Origination Date: 2010-01-08
Origination Time: 15:15:24
Timecode Start: 00:00:32:22
Originator: Tracktion


Go to Settings → Synchronization and set Bar Position 1 1 1 1 → plays at SMPTE to 00:00:00:00
Logic defaults to 01:00:00:00:00
See if your tracks now move to position correctly.

November 30, -0001

BWAV import problem

I'm a Logic beginner with a file import problem. I have 60+ BWAV files recorded in another app (Tracktion 3). Four mics in parallell into two stereo tracks with 30+ recordings, one after another, distributed over a couple of hours. I recorded 50 shor

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