Buying new iMac - Advices


Hello, in a few days I'll buy a new iMac, I'm already a holder of an old 2010 iMac 21,5.
I thought to remain on a 21,5 because for how expensive it can be, it is less than a 27, even if in this one there is the possibility to add RAM in future, wouldn't be bad.
I usually use iMac for Photography (Photoshop, Ligtroom, Plugins) and sometimes After Effects for very simple things.
The configuration I thought to choose is this:
Intet Core i5 quad-core a 2,9GHz Turbo Boost fino a 3,6GHz
16GB di SDRAM DDR3 a 1600MHz
Unità di memoria flash da 256GB
do you think this configuration could be ok for what I do with the iMac?
Thanks to all of you who want to help me to decide!


That iMac as a server will either be just right, massive overkill, or far too small.
What are you planning on doing with OS X Server here?    Mail?  Web server?  File and disk?  Computes?  DNS? Profile management?  How much of {whatever}?
Are you planning on starting up and shutting down and reconfiguring your new iMac (as is common with a desktop Mac), or are you planning on leaving it alone and leaving it running all the time (as is the norm with servers)?
If you're working with various systems on your local network, are you using WiFi, wired gigabit, or slower wired connection?  Servers serving lots of files locally will generally provide the best results with wired gigabit Ethernet.
Do you have a static IP address, or is only dynamic (DHCP) IP available from your ISP?  (You'll usually want static IP, if you're going to be running a mail server, hosting external sites or similar tasks, too.)  (Over the lifetime of the server, static IP connection from various ISPs can end up costing more than the entire server, too.)

October 11, 2015

Buying new iMac - Advices

Hello, in a few days I'll buy a new iMac, I'm already a holder of an old 2010 iMac 21,5. I thought to remain on a 21,5 because for how expensive it can be, it is less than a 27, even if in this one there is the possibility to add RAM in future, would

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