BSP App call from ABAP report.


I need to call /IRM/GCRM_WS BSP application through ABAP Report. Call trnasaction '/IRM/GCRM_WS' does work fine.
How can i call it for a particular document as we do it with set parameter before call transaction?
pls provide ideas.


that depends on what you did with that transaction and how you call it. You don´t provide much information.
Perhaps you have to add parameters to the URL: your_url?param1=value1&param2=value2
Check first how that BSP is structured and what it expects as parameters.

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BSP App call from ABAP report.

Hello, I need to call /IRM/GCRM_WS BSP application through ABAP Report. Call trnasaction '/IRM/GCRM_WS' does work fine. How can i call it for a particular document as we do it with set parameter before call transaction? pls provide ideas. Rgds.Hi, th

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