BOM comparison based on Installation point of Subitems


Hi All,
Can I do a BOM comparison based on the installation position of the sub items?
There is an option to select the installation point in "sort by install point" in the "further selection" screen. But it is not getting populated in when I execute CS14. Please advice. Thanks.


Hi Mr.Pradeep Rao,
Could you please give me your mail id.
I will send you the screen shots, to compare the BOM's based on the sort by installation point.
The system is not showing directly in CS14.
<b><u>Procedure:</u></b> is once after doing the necessary settings under Further settings page,give the BOM details and VALID from date & click on Diff.Comparison.
In the next page,I hope you must be knowing the BOM item for which sub item exists. and the item quantity must be same in both the BOM's.
You will be able to see the symbol for that BOM item showing Similar component (Red Color Button).
Just Double click on that symbol(Comparison result symbol) and the system pops upa new screen,there you brach out the node -Sub Items-Comparison By installation Point.Now you can see the items based on installation point.
I hope in this way you will be able to see the items compared on installation point.
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Thanks & Regards

November 30, -0001

BOM comparison based on Installation point of Subitems

Hi All, Can I do a BOM comparison based on the installation position of the sub items? There is an option to select the installation point in "sort by install point" in the "further selection" screen. But it is not getting populated in

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