does not display redirection


I have unistalled, reinstalled the addon.
It does not display the redirect URL.
This is BAD because I cannot check (amongst many services) via whether the site is cool or not.


It works - for 32 bit processes...
And that is where we should go back to. Here is what we know;
1) your development computer is 32 bit
2) The runtime OS is 64 bit
Here is what we need to get straight:
1) Are you compiling as 32 bit or 64 bit or "Any CPU"?
2) Are you deploying the 32 bit runtime?
3) Are you deploying the 64 bit runtime?
4) Are you deploying both 32 bit and 64 bit runtime?
5) Did you see your app as one of the processes?
6) Is the database client 32 bit or 64 bit?
7) If this is a 32 bit web app, you will need to run it under a 32 bit app pool
- Ludek

November 30, -0001 does not display redirection

I have unistalled, reinstalled the addon. It does not display the redirect URL. This is BAD because I cannot check (amongst many services) via whether the site is cool or not. Cheers!It works - for 32 bit process

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I installed SAP Front End on my computer. I need to use program to assess SAP , so I need to use SAP R/3 DCOM Connector. After I do some setting in SAP R/3 DCOM Connector, and  when I connect to a destination, I find the connection is OK. But when I

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I can not install the Express after the Extreme tha AirPort tool is of no help. It does not display any base station.

I can not install the Express after the Extreme tha AirPort tool is of no help. It does not display any base station.What is the exact model of the AirPort Express that you are trying to install? Which version of the AirPort Utility are you using? Wh

Form does not display all records from table

Hi guys I modified one form that was based on a signle DB table. I removed certain fields from the table and added some extra fields to that table. Then based on the new table I also modified the form and removed the text items related to old fields

Since 4.0.1, does not display thumbnails on one site.

Ever since I upgraded to version 4, the forum that I manage does not display thumbnails of pictures within posts. This link [] is to a collection of screen captures that illustrate the proble

ASDM - does not display all the rules

Hello, we replaced our PIX525 firewall with an ASA 5540 firewall, and now we see some strange behavior in ASDM. ASDM does not display all the rules, but i see all all the rules in cli. What can be the problem? inside-asa# show ver Cisco Adaptive Secu

I installed the latest version of iTunes ( on a new Windows 7 PC.  I can see ahred libraries on Shared but can't import as the line containing the Settings and Import buttons does not display.   Any suggestions?

To move the iTunes library to this new computer I switched on Home Sharing and can see the other libraries on my home network.  If I select tracks from a Shared library I can't import them as the strip containing "Show: All Items" and the "

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HELP! Ovi suite does not display Photos only thumb...

Hi, please help. Ovi Suite does not display Photos saved in my computer. Just getting Default grey image for everything on the thumbnails. OS XP home (Service ack 3). Run the repair and nothing. I uninstalled the application deleted everything to do