Best way to select image with fine hairs?


I have been using the quick selection tool to select images that I want to remove from their backgrounds or edit separately. It always works well except in the hair area. Even when the hair is smooth it looks a little unnatural, and when the hair is flying around I don't know what to do except to laboriously outline things in extreme close-up. Any other suggestions?


There are several methods available. Here is one tutorial which helped me get a grip on masking hair.

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Best way to select image with fine hairs?

I have been using the quick selection tool to select images that I want to remove from their backgrounds or edit separately. It always works well except in the hair area. Even when the hair is smooth it looks a little unnatural, and when the hair is

What's the best way to connect Cognos with SAP 4.6c on iseries V5R4

We have SAP 4.6c on iseries V5r4. What's the best way to connect Cognos with SAP so that data could be extracted from SAP and create reports with Cognos. Thanks JoeDB2 Connect version 8.2 is no longer supported by IBM (support ended April 30, 2009, s

What is the best way to view images on an External Hard Drive?

I have a Macbook Pro with the latest OS X Yosemite Can anyone tell me the best way to easily view thumbnail images on the external hard drive because at present I am having to open each folder and would ideally like to see all thumbnail images in sim

Best way to select distinct values based on another column?

I have a table with three columns: id (NUMBER), data_dt (DATE), and data_value (NUMBER). There is a primary key on id and data_dt. I want to select the record with the latest data_dt for each unique id. What is the best way to do this? I have three d

Best way to fill CLOB with external XML from URL

There seem to be a number of great tools available for pl/sql developers in the 8i DB environment and I am tryng to get a handle on them. So far I have worked with XSQL servlet (not PL/SQL), XML Parser and XSU. The problem I have is to fill a clob fr

Best way to manage images in a swing app

Hi. I have a swing app that uses alot of images around 100+ at around 40kb each. I am currently using new ImageIcon("icon\\main.png")) to create them. Is this the most efficient way to manage images? Would it be more efficeint to store then in t

Best way to create frame with stroke around a paragraph?

What is the best way to create a frame with a stroke around text? I always thought it was with an inline frame, but now I see that trying to put the cursor in the text is very difficult because the frame blocks the cursor. Is there a better way?Thank

LR5 on creative cloud - best way to share images and catalogs with team members

I want to establish a central image library of product photos.  I need team members to be able to see these images.  I have a CC account for teams. Sould I creae a file repository in the Cloud and then create local LR catalogs for each person on thei

Best way to orgnize fonts with icloud

Hello can anyone tell me if there is a way to avoid haveing hunderends of fonts show up on iluustrator. I know there used to be an adobe font manager that has been discontinude. How are people doing this now and can anyone recommend a way? JamesI cho

Best way to save images streamed from web to device?

We have an app for browsing a catalog that streams content from a web server. There is an image for each product, some in JPG format and some in PNG format. Our server is fast and reliable so everything has been running smoothly so far, but we'd like

Best way to manage iPod with large library

Hello all. I have a nano, and my library is larger than the capacity for it. I use it primarily for Podcasting, but also put regular music on there as well. Whenever iTunes does its auto-sync, it always tries to put the whole library on my nano. Ther

Best way to select from 2 tables, based on sum from detail table

I have a "customer order line detail" table from which I want to report Order Number Customer Number Part Number Line Value { which is Unit Qty * (Unit price - discount%) } But only for orders which are above £1500. And lines which are not "

Best way to manage iPod with no iTunes?

A friend's MacBook has died. I've recommended he buy an iPad-4G + Apple TV instead of replacing the laptop. (1) is there any way to manage his old iPod music using only the iPad, no Mac/PC? (2) if he needs to upgrade to an iOS ipod, then how does he

What's the best way to place images in table cells?

I'm working on a basic tooling catalog/list using a table for all of the information.  One of the columns is for an image of the tool.  Is there a way to place each image in a cell and have it resized to fit the cell dimensions (including my text ins

Best way to Save images for Kodak Easy Share

I work on my images in PSD format. When I want to save the file as a JPEG image to download to Kodak EasyShare for printing, what settings should I be using so my files are not to large. I working with 8 MEG and 5 MEG pictures. The large images are c

[noob question] whats the best way to load movieclips with a loading screen

for each level i have a number of movieclips bitmaps and sprites etc.. should i just load multiple swf's of everything in my level or keep all objects in the library and call upon them in the main fla this is for a mobile game btw. I have a loading s

Any efficient way to select data with limit?

HI I want to select some rows of my table for showing in a webpage number of rows is very very much and all of them cannot be showed in one page, so i used paging for my webpage every page has just 20 rows problem is here , how to select rows between

Samples best way to work with them

if anyone has used fruity loops b4 they would know that you can import samples and arrange them in a matrix arrange window what is the best way to do this with logic with ultra beat or esx24 and are the pros and cons of each?Get RECYCLE.Read other 2

Best practices for placing images in epubs

Okay, I've read the books, I've watched the tutes and I'm still at a loss on the best way to add images to InDesign 5.5 documents that I will convert to ePub. The images are created in Photoshop at 300 dpi and sized at 800by600. And yet when I place

Best way to create tasks and assign to sharepoint groups

Hi everyone, I have a custom list which contains newsletter info that is to be seen by around 400 groups (they are stores) and then I need them to mark each list item as 'completed' I have been trying to figure out the best way to do this and decided