Bespoke Oracle Forms and Reports and Adobe LiveCycle


I'm looking to produce dynamic questionnaire letters from Oracle Reports.
Currently they're produced in PDF format.
I now need to get them into a format where the recipient can enter their responses, save the doc and then email the doc back to the sender.
RTF format produces a 24Mb file which is obviously no use.
PDF is read-only and can't be saved from Acrobat Reader.
However, I've recently discovered Adobe LiveCycle Acrobat Extensions. Can anyone hep me out with any advice? On the Adobe site it says it plugs into e-Business Suite...but what about bespoke forms/reports?


Hi Rajesh,
But i have not installed IAS at all. I have only Forms and Reports 10g and Oracle database installed. As you said it only save on IAS, but can we save it on local machine. Is there any other alternative.
Again my second issues is --> I want to remove Mail option and rename Cache option to PDF from Destype combo box which appears at run time.
Any idea how we can do this?

November 30, -0001

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Bespoke Oracle Forms and Reports and Adobe LiveCycle

I'm looking to produce dynamic questionnaire letters from Oracle Reports. Currently they're produced in PDF format. I now need to get them into a format where the recipient can enter their responses, save the doc and then email the doc back to the se

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