AVCHD Audio Problem Importing to CS4


I have imported several AVCHD clips to CS4.  Occasionally one clip will play the video and audio OK for a part of the clip and then the audio blanks out.  In the Audio timeline I can see the audio waveform displayed, but it does not play.  I have tried cutting the clip and dragging it again to the timeline but it doesn't play. The audio in the clip played most of the way through the clip but blanked in the last15-20 seconds.  This has happened previously to other clips. I have played the clip in the source monitor and the same thing happens, always at the same point in the clip.  I deleted the clip from CS4 and re-imported it and all was well this time.
Any ideas about this?  As I said, I can see the waveform in the timeline, so I know it imported with the complete audio.  Why won't CS4 play it.  I am using the 64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate with 4gb of RAM and a quad 2.26gb processor.  The video files are all on a dedicated 360gb hard drive.


They were imported as .avi files via firewire through my VX2100 Sony Camcorder, edited in Premiere, exported out as an entire .avi sequence and authored in Encore. The audio is fine when the final DVD is played by my customers and played back on the timeline, but when I try to import the authored DVD back into Premiere to capture a few clips that are needed later on, that is when I get the massive distortion on the audio.
Everything is fine up until the point of recapturing the authored DVD back into Premiere from Encore.

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AVCHD Audio Problem Importing to CS4

I have imported several AVCHD clips to CS4.  Occasionally one clip will play the video and audio OK for a part of the clip and then the audio blanks out.  In the Audio timeline I can see the audio waveform displayed, but it does not play.  I have tri

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