Audio shuttling . . . WHAT CHANGED ??


I could sworn, for years, that when in the timeline if I hit the "L" key rapidly 2 or more times - everything speeds up, or slows down with the "J" key - including the audio!
But now, as I drag the playhead, OR hit the "L" key - I no longer hear the audio shuttling by. I like to hear it rushing by, because even at double speed, i can understand it.
But it's silent now - no audio shuttling sound!! Grrrr . . . . What did I change? I've looked at the User and System prefs in FCPro - but can't find anything that looks like I changed it? I have version 7.02.
Anybody know what I did wrong? It's driving me NUTS!


OMG!! You guys are GREAT!! Thank you very very much. So simple! I just . . . forgot!
I'm trying to give you both the green star - 'cause you're both right. And I sure DON'T want to pit one against the other! But Shane, "Shift + S" was a tiny tinsey bit more direct than "Audio Scrubbing" - which is exactly what it is! But I had to look around for "audio scrubbing" !!
I hope David, you won't ignore me next time!
Thank you again, I posted this question - went to eat dinner - and voila - problem solved! It doesn't get any better'n THAT!
I forget whether I've sent you this before . . . but I'm bettin' you'll enjoy it!

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Audio shuttling . . . WHAT CHANGED ??

I could sworn, for years, that when in the timeline if I hit the "L" key rapidly 2 or more times - everything speeds up, or slows down with the "J" key - including the audio! But now, as I drag the playhead, OR hit the "L" ke

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