Audio Scrubbing at 2x speed


I think I know the answer but I am hoping someone knows a trick.
When I play through a sequence at 2x speed (hitting "L" twice... is that 2x?), Final Cut Pro scrubs the audio. FCP doesn't raise the pitch of the audio (chipmunks style), but it instead chops up the audio. Does anyone know if there is a way to change it so that FCP DOES raise the pitch of the audio instead of making it choppy? I'm going through about 8 hours of footage and would love to be able to speed this up, but the chopped up audio makes it so that I can't understand a thing.


My experience is that if the disks are fast or the codec is a low bitrate, then I can still understand what is said in an interview with even 3 or 4 times speed.(3xL)
With high bitrate video, or slower disks or both, this performance decreases so that even 2 x L is not even good anymore.
So the question is: What codec are you using and on what disks it sits...

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Audio Scrubbing at 2x speed

I think I know the answer but I am hoping someone knows a trick. When I play through a sequence at 2x speed (hitting "L" twice... is that 2x?), Final Cut Pro scrubs the audio. FCP doesn't raise the pitch of the audio (chipmunks style), but it in

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