Audio randomly playus back out of sync


One of the FCPs at a place I work at has a strange audio sync problem.
It's an 8-core MacPro running the latest versions of FCP and Snow Leopard. It has a Kona LHe card with the latest firmware. Editing is done using IMX50 codec, SD PAL. Monitoring is done on an external monitor and speakers via the AJA card.
All is ok until you turn on audio scrubbing, after which the audio rendomly goes out of sync, stopping and starting will sometimes play back in sync. Monitoring via the Mac's internal speakers is always in sync, and the video is always playing back ok (the Mac screen and the external screen are always in sync (cuts occur at the same time on both screens).
Laying to tape and exported Quicktimes are always in sync.
I'm guessing it's some kind of AJA issue, has anyone any thoughts?


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See if any of the suggestions offered here reduce your sync quality problem enough:
If, after making certain that your Mac is running well, has plenty of free space on the correct drive, etc., your sync is still not close enough, you can manually re-sync any parts that are unacceptable to you using either QT Pro or iMovie.
If you check carefully, you will see that not even pro video is always perfectly synced. It is a lot of work to get things "nearly perfect," but, with a bit of practice, it doesn't take long to get things "close enough" for me.
I use the same simple process with either QT Pro or iMovie, so you can use whichever you find easiest. Whichever you use, keep the original AV clip safe and *_work on a copy_* in case something goes wrong.
If you do not already know how, here is my process, but you can adjust for your workflow:
(1) Copy of the audio track.
(2) Add the audio track copy to the AV file.
(3) Silence the original audio and work on audio copy.
(4) Insert small blank audio clips (or split and slide if using iMovie) if needed to make the audio later.
(5) Cut small bits out of quiet parts (or split and shorten in iMovie) if needed to make audio sooner.
(6) Repeat until satisfied and delete any tracks no longer needed.
(7) Save the adjusted AV file.
(8) Enjoy!
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Audio randomly playus back out of sync

One of the FCPs at a place I work at has a strange audio sync problem. It's an 8-core MacPro running the latest versions of FCP and Snow Leopard. It has a Kona LHe card with the latest firmware. Editing is done using IMX50 codec, SD PAL. Monitoring i

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