Audio playback in the authoring environment


I've got a couple of different audio files which I've put on
the main timeline in different layers. I'm trying to synch the
audio with some animation (also on the main timeline). I've set the
audio to stream so I can scrub back and forth. The problem is that
the audio that I embedded in other layers earlier in the timeline
plays even when I'm way past that spot in the timeline. I wind up
hearing multiple audio files. How do I stop this?


You may have turned off "audio scrubbing".

November 30, -0001

Audio playback in the authoring environment

I've got a couple of different audio files which I've put on the main timeline in different layers. I'm trying to synch the audio with some animation (also on the main timeline). I've set the audio to stream so I can scrub back and forth. The problem

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